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- TEAMprefab:  "Center for Modular Architecture"
Los Angeles based HQ, Showroom, Gallery & Modular Prototype Village is under Construction!!!

Blazing a path to a better built

As you begin your journey into the world of prefab/modular, this webpage is here to guide you, enlighten you, provide you with tools and knowledge - it's full of tactical solutions.

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Your journey towards modular/prefab solutions is concurrently a journey away from traditional construction - it's just as important to understand why traditional design and construction models continue on their dysfunctional paths, as it is to understand how and why modular/prefab is the future - a long overdue industry disruptor. During this unveiling, TEAMprefab is going to rattle your cage with facts, data and solutions - challenging the status quo of the entrenched Architecture, Design & Construction industries - yet all will be tempered with proven prefab/modular companies and strategies that will spare you the endless hours of research - upon completing your research with TEAMprefab, you'll have all you need to activate a Better Built Planet.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- R. Buckminster Fuller

What Does TEAMprefab do?


We’re an info provider and marketplace shaper. We provide you with the research and tools required to navigate the Design-Fabricate-Build process as well as select a Prefab/Modular company best suited for your project.


We assist property owners, developers and those seeking high-quality buildings, at an accelerated schedule and/or at an affordable price-point.


We embrace a triple bottom line culture - helping our fellow man, saving the planet & creating business opportunity.


We champion “PREFAB” - an innovative hybrid of the Architecture, Product Design & Construction industries - a modular solution.

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The TEAMprefab gift/complimentary guide: 
The Top 12 Questions to ask Prefab Providers

Initial research of Prefab starts with asking the right questions. For all interested, this free list/questionnaire will enable you to engage in the most meaningful discussion with a Prefab Provider.

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