Customer Assistance: How Do I Select a Prefab Provider?

Initial Consumer Questions:

  1. Can my Prefab provider enable an affordable building strategy and solution?
  2. What time savings/schedule advantages will I experience with my Prefab provider?
  3. Does my Prefab provider enable an environmentally conscious solution?
  4. Should I download this pdf below that prepares me to answer the questions above?
  5. I think I have all of my questions answered, is there a LIST of Prefab providers that are BEST for me?

How Do I Select My Property / Real Estate?

Initial Consumer Questions:

  1. How will I know if my property can accommodate my modular building?
  2. How is a modular building set in place on my property?
  3. Does my property require gas, electric, propane, city water and sewer, etc.?
  4. Is it possible for my building and property to be completely "off-grid"?
  5. Can a modular building be installed on a sloped site?

How Do I Attain Financing for my New Modular Building?

Initial Consumer Questions:

  1. What is the difference between a modular home and an HUD home?
  2. Can I obtain a construction loan for my modular building?
  3. Can I convert my construction loan to a traditional home mortgage?
  4. Will my Prefab Provider assist me in the financing process?
  5. Does my Prefab Provider offer construction financing?

Complimentary Guide: 
The Top 12 Questions to ask Prefab Providers

Initial research of Prefab starts with asking the right questions.  For all interested, this free list/questionnaire will enable you to engage in the most meaningful discussion with a Prefab Provider.

Download PDF

Am I Interested in a TEAMprefab consultation?

If so, select from the various consultation levels below and make a reservation. Consultations are candid, professional & conducted via Google Meet video/conference call. All consultations are coordinated, processed and conducted with a seasoned Prefab DESIGNER or ARCHITECT with design, fabrication and construction knowledge applied to real world prefab projects. You're encouraged to prepare questions/topics in advance so that the most quality filled consultation can take place. After processing your scheduled consultation and payment, the Consultant will be directly in touch with you and will provide a meeting questionnaire, agenda and checklist that will enable an efficient and informative consultation session.
Option A
One Time - 60 Minute Session
Option B
3 - 60 Minute Sessions
Option C
Fixed fee - Property/Project Specific Report