live - work - learn Model:
The Redefined  21st Century Home

During this post-Covid era, Prefab/modular residential solutions have come of age.  As the internet now provides wide scale access to materials, processes, fabricators, tools and even free SketchUp 3D-modeling software to Homeowners, Contractors, Architects and Developers. The “to the trade” business model has been dismantled and all of those designer products, furnishings and finishes are now one Google search away from every fabricator, contractor and building owner. Technology has made design more accessible and has peeled back the monopoly of “to the trade”. These collective technological advancements have prompted a “perfect storm” for prefab/modular solutions.  Combined with 18 months of COVID induced change to our lives, lifestyles and workplaces, this storm has fostered a culture that is ripe and receptive to a construction industry transformation.

In 2022:

  1. Over 70% of white collar workers are now working from home/communicating via video conference calls.
  2. Our elementary, junior high, high school and college kids have been taking online classes and with the current reopening of schools and classrooms, only 60% of students attend school in-person.
  3. We’ve ordered takeout or delivered food via Food Delivery Apps with dramatic increases each month.
  4. We’ve booked record numbers of UBER & Lyft rides and post-pandemic numbers at AirBNB are surging.
    The definitions of these transformed definitions of: All run parallel and feed a prefab/modular strategy - a long overdue construction industry disruptor