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Option A
Hourly Consultation
One time - 60 Minute Session

A Who-What-Where-How Much & How Long Prefab Consultation ultimately aimed at answering: which prefab path is best for you?

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Option B
3 - Hourly Consultations
3 - 60 Minute Sessions

$800 total
You're about to purchase your land, start your project and/or you're in progress - discuss your related modular/prefab strategy & questions.

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Option C
Project Feasibility
Fixed fee - Property/Project Specific Report

$2,000 to $5,000
Professional research/analysis of your project goals, development guidelines and general feasibility for a modular/prefab solution for a specific property.

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About Us

Advertising, Marketing & News Inquiries:
Michelangelo DeMaria
Marketing & Business Director

With Advertising & American Studies Degrees from the Univ. of Texas at Austin, Michelangelo is an Austin, Texas transplant from Manhattan Beach, Cali. Invigorated by graphic design within the field of Advertising he fuses innovation, storytelling, film, marketing, the stage, Adobe CC apps, and team building into TEAMprefab. Current travels, combined with his past exploits in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Italy and Mexico, feed his passion to make the world a better place.

Project Submittals & Photography:
Luciano DeMaria
Communications Director

When not immersed in all things TEAMprefab, Luciano is deep in a thought provoking book, playing his Fender or shooting with his camera or...doing all of the above - all at once. With a passion for music composition and epic film soundtracks, he can also be found clinging to the face of a cliff - rock climbing & bouldering. Forever discussing the classics with his Uncle Joe, his "proactive DNA" projects him on a relentless journey and exploration of "the new".

An Invitation:
Research, Projects
& White Paper Submittals

Submit Research

TEAMprefab informs/connects business pros, consumers and forward-thinkers around the planet who nurture, embrace and serve the market of Prefabrication - we thrive on your input, ideas and/or work.

With a long overdue paradigm shift away from deeply rooted and antiquated building design/construction methodologies, TEAMprefab is in search of innovators who are committed to environmentalism, citizenry and business for profit. We invite Thinkers, Architects, Designers, Developers, Builders and Policymakers to submit their past, current and proposed Prefab related design solutions, written works and ideas for inclusion in - a global resource of services  and products. Project submittals will be reviewed and selected for inclusion in our digital/print media (website, app, publication, international exhibit and/or blog).

We’re physically based in the USA - Austin, TX & Los Angeles and our website subscribes to global outreach. With a spotlight on real/built solutions we also invite innovative theoretical/unbuilt projects. Should you decide to accept our invite, please visit our Project Submittal Form and submit your project(s) and ideas.