the Mission:
Bring your building dreams to fruition.

TEAMprefab is an information provider and marketplace shaper - leading consumers to exercise and leverage their buying power in the rapidly evolving space of architecture, technology, fabrication & construction.

Whether it be a single family home, multi-family apartments, large scale housing projects or backyard ADUs, TEAMprefab disrupts antiquated architecture & construction industry strategies. With a primary task of enlightening consumers to the design-fabricate-build systems, we focus on this hybrid strategy aimed at delivering a superior end product based in:

Embracing environmentally conscious building materials/systems and processes

Helping your fellow man/improving quality of life

Economic success
Supporting prefab/modular solutions with  profitable business strategies that deliver a quality & fairly priced end-product/service/building

View the world through a different lens.

              "...We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them..."

                                                                                                      - Albert Einstein

Fueled by technological innovation, we reject the dogma of “how was it built in the past?” Concurrently, we pursue a vision of a BETTER BUILT PLANET. Creating a positive impact, we reject antiquated construction methods that are inefficient, of inferior quality and harmful to the environment. TEAMprefab is committed to providing a treasury of Prefabrication data, resources and opportunities. Promoting a "DESIGN - FABRICATE - DELIVER - INSTALL" process to consumers around the globe, we cultivate and bolster prefab methodologies that respect our planet, provide for our fellow man and enable high quality architecture - solutions completed faster and at an affordable price-point.