When discussing a transformation of Silicon Valley, “A New Era of Culture, Change and Leadership is Upon Us,” Peter Schein of MIT’s Slone School of Management, stated, “…without giving new technology companies too much credit, I’d say it’s true that innovators out here have revolutionized both tools and processes of work….terms like loosely coupled, tightly aligned, fail fast, reality distortion field, and radical candor are all little points of light in a complex night sky reflecting the simple idea that we can work smarter…” He added, “…if we’ve learned anything in a cradle of innovation, it is that pace really matters. Socio-technical innovations may be re-energizing humanism in creative work, yet if any such process innovations slow down the pace, we can expect that the next big thing will aim to speed us up again.” At TEAMprefab we draw a strong parallel between the current design/construction industry shift to prefabrication and the digital industry related innovations that Schein speaks to. By simply working “smarter”, prefab innovators have become catalysts for positive change in the world of Architecture.

Capitalizing on mass production processes that are highly controlled, managed and digitally implemented, Prefab Architecture has come of age. Trust in the massive variety of products sold via the internet has created a cultural shift in how consumers review, explore and accept new processes of learning, purchasing and education. From “purchasing a product for your household” to “purchasing your household as a product”, an accelerated consumer evolution has taken place. Compounded with the emergence of webinars, Zoom, Teams and Facetime meetings, video conferencing apps have become a business norm. Almost overnight, Covid-19 dictated mandates have gone as far as criminalizing in-person meetings and as such, traditional business processes have been staggered. “RE-ADAPT or DIE” has become a metaphorical mantra resulting in fertile ground for change on all levels of business. There is no “shock of the new”, only a more critical view of the past with the global pandemic further exposing traditional design/construction as inefficient and antiquated methodologies. The by-product of this newfound awareness positions Prefab as a robust strategy – ripe for positive impact in the world of architecture & construction. High quality construction, accelerated speed of project delivery and enviro-friendly solutions, all at an affordable price-point, not only enables a more efficient project delivery process, but it will solve some of our urgent social housing challenges – this is a long overdue. We subscribe to Buckminster Fuller’s quote, “…you never change things by fighting the existing reality…to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete...” At TEAMprefab we share and promote a new model, but we don't defend it - it defends itself.​

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